156th Street - Pacific Street to Wycliffe Drive (OPW 50157)

About the Project

The project is located on 156th Street, from the intersection with Pacific Street on the south end to the interchange with West Dodge Road on the north end.  This project includes
reconstruction of the Pacific Street intersection to accommodate dual left turn lane lanes. The project will not include any modifications or reconstruction of the interchange with West Dodge Road.  

The reconstruction and widening of this segment of 156th Street is necessary to improve safety, accommodate the future traffic volumes, and reduce congestion along this busy two-lane roadway during the morning and evening peak. Impacts to traffic flow on 156th Street associated with Kiewit Middle School during morning drop off and afternoon pickup will also be evaluated.  The proximity of three schools along the corridor and the residential character of the adjacent developments also emphasizes the need for improved pedestrian facilities.

Project Schedule

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Stakeholder Informational Meeting 

The City of Omaha held a Stakeholder Information Meeting regarding Phase I of the Project, the Pacific Street Intersection improvements.  The meeting was held on February 4, 2020.  See below for information presented at the meeting.


Notice of Informational Meeting


The City of Omaha held a Public Information Meeting regarding the upcoming roadway improvements to 156th Street between Pacific Street and Wycliffe Drive on Thursday, February 14, 2019.  See below for more information regarding this project.


Public Informational Meeting Resources


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David Nassi, P.E.
Project Manager, Public Works Division 
City of Omaha