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    Project Overview

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    Roadway improvements are being planned for 72nd Street, between F Street and just south of I-80, which serves as a vital connection for commuters and industrial businesses in the area.

    In addition to deteriorating bridge conditions, current traffic volumes indicate that this corridor is over capacity during peak hours and traffic volumes will continue to increase over time.

    Improvements are needed to improve capacity and safety, and decrease congestion.

    Preferred Alignment

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    As the existing bridge is reaching the end of its useful life, proposed improvements include replacing the existing bridges with a wider and lower maintenance bridge, or bridges, to accommodate three lanes of traffic in each direction with a sidewalk on the east side. Bridges will be built on the existing alignment.

    Please note that the preferred alignment is preliminary design and is not considered final.

    During construction, detours may be necessary. The Project team is in the process of finalizing the details of the detour route and area stakeholders will be contacted before construction begins.

    Typical Roadway Cross Sections

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    Once construction is complete, travelers on this corridor will encounter various roadway enhancements.

    If you are heading northbound on 72nd Street, enhancements include three lanes of traffic on each side, with a sidewalk on the east side only.

    As you approach the intersection of 72nd & F Street, a left turn lane will be available for southbound drivers.

    Once you’ve reached the bridge, three lanes of traffic will again be on each side, with a sidewalk on the east side only.

    Project Schedule

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    The 72nd & D Street Bridges Project is currently in the preliminary design phase, with environmental and traffic analysis ongoing.

    Once preliminary design is complete, the project moves into the right-of-way phase which involves relocating utilities, acquiring right-of-way, and finalizing design.

    Construction is tentatively scheduled to begin in late 2019/early 2020. Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change based on funding.

    We Want Your Input!

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    There are several opportunities to provide your input and stay involved with the Project, including:

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