Street Preservation Fund Projects

About the Project

As a part of the Mayor's Road Map To Better Streets, the Street Preservation Fund projects are focused on four priorities that address:

1. Improving Public Safety

2. Improving the Taxpayer Experience

3. Managing the Budget

4. Job Growth & Economic Development

The quality of our roads is a basic part of what it is to experience Omaha. Our roads affect more people than our taxpayers, though. Whether Omaha is your home of you are passing through, and whether you drive or rely on public transportation, the quality of our streets matters. It shapes how peope view our city.

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Upcoming Projects

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*as of Jan 20, 2021
Please Note:  This listing of projects by the Public Works Department is provided for planning purposes only.  Projects may be bid earlier, later, or cancelled without prior or further notice.


Please refer to the following links for current lane closures and intersection work relating to this project:
Omaha Traffic Restrictions & Closures Map:
Nebraska Department of Transportation Projects:

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